A day of activities~~!!

So~~~ I am now takin a break from my work and blogging for the first time on a desktop *laughs* I've not blogged on a desktop for a real long time already.

Today is all about an update on saturday~~ I had an awesome fun day, catching up with all the old friends... by old, i mean friends who have known me for a VERY VERY long time..not their age. *laughs*

So, upon whim, I met up with Derek. I'll talk more about him later, but we met up to catch the Soul Calibur V competition that was going on at Cathay Cineleisure. Really glad that he went with me, so my journey there wasnt really boring.

Caught up with Panther and found my royal hamster,Akabane. Had a great time talking to Panther as usual, cos he is jus full of kiam pa epicness. Seriously, when talking to Panther, sometimes you will feel like beating him up but yet he is so funny and right.

I left the competition early and did not catch him in action because I had another event to attend. He called me around 9pm, and I was like... uhhhh whats up?

HE WON THE COMPETITION [newbie division]!!!


Here is the video that I found, and also the picture he took of his win.

Watch live video from Round1.sg on TwitchTV



With teh trusty timekeeper, Derek, we manage to leave Cineleisure and made it to Raina's debut JUST IN TIME to catch the full thing. [Well, i tend to lose track of time during an event, so yea ^^lll]

Here is her 1st chapter of her performance

Do view the rest here
Celestial Raina Fall

She has seriously improved since the last demo she sent me about 2-3 years back. That demo might have been killed by my laptop[i did not check], but her music has always been beautiful, so do check her out!!

During her perf.

Looking exceedingly gorgeous and brimming with happiness even though she was SUPER worn out from her perf.


Here comes the reason as to why Derek was with me besides being interested in my activities.... because I was interested in his *laughs*

I was surfing the web one day and realise that Jin [cookieologic.blogspot.com] was heading to the rink and I saw derek's name in the list so I decided to ask him if he was going, just for the heck of it cos I know I wont go.

After that he asked me along, I was like... if i go.. I will get smacked by Jin because everytime she asks me I'll make up some excuse or complain that it is too far *laughs*
A while later, I realise I wanted to attend Raina's debut that I even recorded in my phone... so I asked Derek, and he said he din mind attending either... soo yeaaaaa thats pretty much how I ended up hangin out with him, and he used to play soul calibur too HAHAHA

For those who have never seen his name here before, here is the reason why. It is a rather long history I had with him. I knew him ever since I was in secondary school through my elder cousin, Wilson. I met him at the JurongEast rink.. if anyone know the JE ice-rink, you would know how long that has been, prolly around 6 years already. We hardly talked back then, but in memories jolted back at the Kallang-rink, we did had our share of fun at the JE rink before. *laughs* Of course, he couldnt keep track but I remembered the feeling of being pulled around the JE rink by him.

To be honest, I know I was pulled by someone before but I couldnt remember who until Jin asked him to pull us around on Saturday *laughs* seriously, i feel so guilty because I've mis-remembered or forgotten so much about him that it is legit for him to strangle me alive.

So as expected... He sabo-ed me and asked me to go into the rink first while he put away the stuff... and i got poked and mauled by Jin. HAHAHAHA but it was all worth it. I havent been in the rink with this girl for a very very long time.




Of course, I am looking forward to JE's rink reopening in april. This time, there will be no excuses for me not to go down and skate... well, cept for no money, but I am sure if i do a proper finance control, I will be able to enjoy skating with the peeps again. I sure do miss the days when me and my cousins go down every other week to skate for the whole entire day.

from left to right
Me, Jin, Derek[who was asked to fill up the hole], Jin's Tonton[honestly i still dont really remember his name]


It was a really awesome day thought it was abit late and I couldnt join Jin and peeps for a drink, while Derek went to a even further place[/facepalm], so i hobo-ed home.

Thanks to all who made me smile and had fun on that day, esp Derek who accompanied and go all over the places 8D


CAMWHORESSSSSSSSS you can end here really haahha

Who cares about being late? I can still camwhore *gets murdered by Derek* He was already waiting for me at Pioneer and I was a good 15-20mins late.

Nomm-ed abit of cheese stick given to me by Stella while i was waiting for the bus~~~ *hearts* it was yummeh~~ *gets killed Derek again* hur~~~ late person is very late.
My eyemake was in blue[prolly not that obvious since it was used at 1/4 outer and crease] and purple that day, inspired by SC's colours

and other excessive useless pictures of me 8D



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