Jcube and its horror

Jcube, the successor of Jurong Entertainment Centre aka JEC.

I choose to blog about this because there are too many things happening. JEC have been a really close place to me back then ever since i was 11? Primary 5. Yep, the time when i started to have fun at the skating rink. It was small but it was a place of epic fun and laughters.

Even in secondary school when we are not skating in the rink, we would head down to the purikura shop to take some pictures or go to the cinema. There will always be food choices, and well... the arcade was shitty but that is another case. There was also a kbox there if i recalled but i dont visit that shop often as we always have our sessions somewhereelse.

Its been YEARS since JEC was torn down... almost 5?6?7? I dont know and I cant recall either. We always thought that it was just a minor renovation, but it was a rebuild. I've seen their progress STAGNANT for at least a few years and was pretty much disappointed. I've always thought that it would never come back. Even though it reappeared as Jcube now, problem after problem start appearing. Apparently the years they have taken was wasted, there was no common sense in mall management...


There are TONS of shops in the new Jcube. JEC was small back then, imagine squeezing Jcube shops into JEC... even though there has been land opened up for shops but I still feel that it is two ambitious.
Due to that, the walkways are really narrow.


This has been causing problems for a lot of shoppers because it is so crowded due to being a new mall and another reason which I will talk about later.

Second problem is the lack of rubbish bins. Personally I have a big issue with this. The lack of rubbish bins were so extreme that it takes me more than 3 minutes to find one.. 5 mins because of the crowd probably. Usually in every other mall, a rubbish bin will ALWAYS be in sight even if it is a long walk away... not in Jcube.

Which causes this kind of stupid problem.


The second reason for really crowded walkways is because of the damn rink.
The olympic rink that the Jcube people are so proud of.

As much as I am happy that such a big rink is built, i really detest the idea of it. I prefer the rink being built on the top floor than smacked in the middle of the mall.

Those who have went down before would have seen the horror. People are standing at the barriers for HOURS, watching and snapping photos. Skaters are like enclosure's animals being viewed from all over the mall. Of course, some might just say "just see only ma, also wont die". True, but imagine being stared at for the whole entire session @_@ it really makes me uncomfortable especially when those foreign workers whip out their cameras and keep snapping..

To be honest, I've never paid attention the scoreboard usually. However, when i saw this yesterday, I was really worried about skating there again.


Even though Jcube management posted this..

JCube_Mall said on 18 Apr, 2012
At 3.50pm today (18 April, Wednesday), technicians at The Rink noticed that the scoreboard was slightly tilted. The scoreboard is supported by two strong winches and cables, each capable of bearing 300kg. As safety is of utmost importance to us, The Rink was closed for inspections and the skaters on the rink moved off the ice within a minute.

After the skaters moved off the ice, the scoreboard was lowered for inspections. The scoreboard was supported throughout by the two winches. An independent professional engineer carried out the checks and certified that the scoreboard and winches are safe for operations. The Rink resumed operations at 7.30pm.

We have given the affected skaters full refunds and they can return to skate at another time. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and assure skaters and shoppers that their safety is our top priority and of utmost importance to us.


How confident are you guys about your work? Anything can happen.

Besides that, just an inside joke, me and a few other friends think that the new rink is a bad sign *laughs* all of us... i mean them, have been getting injured even though they are regular skaters... even twin derek has gotten serious wounds from it. *snickers* I think I laughed at the way he limped around for a week or so...


On the flip side, the icecream is pretty good at StickHouse.

... thats the only thing I am happy about Jcube so far ._. ho shit.


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