Dinner @ Brandie's

Yea the charming dude in the center is Brand...on. That's right. *laughs*
This was taken during the christmas night where we were drinking @ Dango's~~

So on monday, I was invited to Brandon's for dinner. It was actually scheduled on Friday but me, being superb forgetful, forgot that Riku's dinner was on the same night so I had to reschedule with Brandon~ hur~~~

Travelling to his place, I expected a simple meal of maybe pasta? and one or two add-ons but I was served a three-course from the very same gorgeous waiter *laughs*
So i had a charming host/cook/waiter 8D

my first course was soup~~~ naturally *laughs*
Just like in a restaurant ~~

[dont qns my mouse. I am in the Ratatouille mood]

While i was smiling to myself and enjoying my soup, our busy chef was in the kitchen. Should have photographed him but i know he will be all like NOOOOO!!!!

and I was served this before he finally sat down and eat with me~
BEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! and POTATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and foie gras ~~ It was awesomely awesome. I will pay to get another meal cooked by Chef Zhang.

We had a great time talking about our childhood and laughing. It was really an enjoyable night... and something cause huge uproar after the main course....


It was epic melted. Some tiramisu icecream cake original he did~ I guess we had a talk too long and it melted in the fridge *laughs* [he threw out the first failed attempt btw fufufu~~~]


The taste was still good, nevertheless.

now.... to plot another brilliant plan to get this chef to cook for me again. MWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! Enjoyed my night, i was royally pampered with food by my food buddy ~~~/0/


Here was another happy start to my week~~ I was featured as one of the top ciel cosers along side megumi in Otakuhouse.com

Even though it is not something that is SUPER BIG, or something that is WAHHHH worthy but having people notice your coses is something that I really miss since I have not being cosplaying much nowadays~

Article here:
Top Ciel Cosplayers from cosplay idol 2011

You can see my face on both pages cos they used me for banner and the feature picture is on page two. Hahahaha, the picture composition is super banner friendly? The photo should be from Geno, if i remember correctly cos I edited it...

but anyway~~~ for those who are lazy to click the link, here is the description they gave for my picture which made me laugh.

" *tries to close eyes* nooo must not look with puppy eyes with this photo! Although he looks deadly calm and emotionless, looking up makes him adorable! Nooo!!! Loving the colors and the eyes! NOOOHH *faints due to awesomeness* "

The writer is a girl, probably.


Met up and had a little chat with Ren yesterday night~~Look what at that sweetie brought back from Japan for me~~~

the green one is mine and 1/3 left. The purple one is the new bottle that Ren got for me.

Ren knows me so well~~~ He was the one to introduce this brand of hairspray to me, which worked better den my usual gatsby[which i use now for bringing overseas].
I got the green one while ordering with them and it was so freaking expensive because of the shipping fees =A=;;; I really thought I was going to just finish this bottle and forget all about it for life unless I go Japan...

LO AND BEHOLD~~~ *gives Ren a big virtual hug*


Another news is my BeLuxury lenses came in... I kinda wanted to try it but I was so disappointed when I open the bottle to take out the lenses for soaking...
It looked so small beside my ifairy... Gonna try it in awhile and will blog about it next time~~

Here is a picture of the bottle.


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