Feature up!!!

Remember the feature that I did for razortv a couple of days ago? ITS UP!!!

I just watched it and I was so happy with it. One thing being the editing is precious. I am really amaze what a huge different in skill there is between amateur editors[aka me duh] and pro editors.

I just laughed when I saw how much of my old pictures she inserted into the vid and how sleepy i look. My eyes were closing so oftenly because I was tired from work and my lenses were kind of dry.

After this videos are up, i still expect slamming but that's fineeee~~~~ i love the videos~~ Hope you all will enjoy it too!!


tartarsauce said…
I just watched both clips and you look very pretty ! I like the interview part where you said you definitely won't stop gyaru makeup just because some people dislike it ^^

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