Interview with razortv~~~

Presenting my young and cute interviewer 8D she is really young D8

Just last week, i got a media invite from RazorTv to do an interview about gyaru make and to do a makeover on their interviewer/reporter on Monday[18/06]. It was lots of fun~~~ Got to try quite abit of shu uemura makeup~ I wanted to blog as soon as I could about it but I just had too much work piling up.

I really like their makeup mousse base cause its ridiculously light and brightens up your skin by alot. A hell lot. Just to put my point across.
I love the eyeliner too, but its way over my budget @_@;;;

The video isnt up yet but when it is up, I will post it.

On to pictures!

Look at all the makeup~~~ and our two videographers 8D

Isnt she pretty~~~sorry for the photospam of me and her because she said that this might be the last time she is trying gyaru makeup *laughs*

Enjoyed myself a lot at the shoot. Thank you so much, Cara and the two photographers along with the salespeople and manager of Shu Uemura


More random pictures of myself during the domino's event


This month has been a pretty good and busy month. Some might have already gotten the news but i'll officially announce here.

Recently, I've joined Miss Singapore International and got in as one of the 13 finalists. I am very happy and excited about this experience and I'll blog about it soon ^^.


Hopy said…
Oooh looks like a fun experience!! :D

And good luck with the contest!! You're sooo pretty and I love your humorous posts, I'm sure you will reach far! :D

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