Update 25/10

Heyyyyy~~~~~~ Just a little update now before i break for a long holiday, and a busy weekend!

As some of you might know, I am working on my review for Hada Labo as of now, and I am throwing my boys to finish up the review of Brigitte for you all /0/ *laughs* during my last poll, some of you did want to see more of my boys, so I've decided to follow your suggestion.

If you follow my instagram @sochiikamiya , you will see updates now and den of their work 83 so yep! This might be a solution for long run, hahaha!!

During this upcoming long weekend, I will have dinners to go to, a shoot to attend and also JCOSMELAND 2012 that I blogged about previously. So hopefully I will stay cheerful throughout the whole weekend and come back with a post on time >3 its either I finish my review first or them.

ok, cut the delusional thoughts. I just thought that including my boys in my reviews will be cute. So stay tune!

IF you haven do so, my giveaway on youtube is ending in 6 more days~! So do give you support and join now!


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