Out with the old, In with the NEW BIORE! [sponsored]


We are all familiar with the brand Biore, best makeup removal product from Japan. They, too, have a whole line of cleansing product.

So to celebrate the new year, they came up with new packaging, new technology, A WHOLE NEW LINE of cleansers to pamper your skin!

Biore skin caring Facial Foam series

Cleanses & Improves. 1 minute is all you need.

There are 3 types of Facial Foam and 1 type of Scrub in their new series:
1. Mild - For Normal to Combination Skin
2. Acne - For Blemish Prone Skin
3. Dry and Dehydrated - For Dry, Dehydrated Skin
4. Scrub - For All Skin Types

They have introduced the new SPT: Skin Purifying Technology to their new series too!

1. High cleansing ability
2. Low irritation as cleansing chemical does not penetrate skin.
3. The first cleanser that works to re-balance skin – reduce oil at T-zone (forehead and nose) and replenish moisture at U-zone (cheek and chin).

Left: Acne foam / Right: Scrub foam

They have kindly sponsored me the Acne and Scrub for this review.

This review is based on personal usage.
Scrub - 1 day
Acne - 14 days

Both foams do not foam alot, if you get what I mean. Unlike their marshmallow wash, this one was quite like the usual cleansers. 

Scrub review results: 1/5

I like how the scrub has fine micro beads for exfoliation and it is in pink [bimbo moment]. It doesn't feel rough when I use it, zero abrasions or redness after usage. Sadly, I might not be suitable for their scrub even though they say it is for all skin types. I broke out shortly the next day after using it. There was also slight irritation after usage but my skin doesn't feel tight.

Acne review results: 4/5

I am happy that this helped to salvage the damage that above scrub has cause. It cleans my face really well, and it doesn't give a tight feeling on the face after wash. Does NOT replenish moisture but did a good work in reducing the oil produced at T-zone (but that might also be my medication at work).

The Biore skincare facial foam is now widely available in Watsons, Guardian and all leading departmental stores.

p.s. If anyone is interested in trying out the BIORE FACIAL SCRUB [pink one], you are welcome to email at sochii_yuuto@hotmail.com . Better give it out than leave it in one corner, it might suit your skin better than mine.

My skin condition is a combination.I am oily at forehead and cheeks, dry at nose and chin. I wont say I have sensitive skin since it can take most kinds of makeup products and not break out. 


Sorry for looking so derpy in the photos, just came back from my friend's commission dinner that day and tried to take a couple of picture.. realized that it was wtf when I opened up on my computer the next day but I had to catch the deadline. I've been trying to catch up on sleep debts and vomit out reviews. Love you all for continuously reading, you can post/comment on what you like to see more of while i continue to clear my review debts T^T;;; I will get back to normal content as and when I can.

On a side note, I've also been working hard @ GAL VIP magazine. It is a whole new experience to me, so do be patience with me if you think that I have somewhere I need to improve on.


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