GAL VIP X CNY [Quick update]

This is jus a quick update to inform all that the JAN-FEB Issue of GAL VIP is finally out /0/ This issue's cover features Usagi ! She was one of the final three for KawaiiTV's gyaru comp.

This time round, I was invited as one of their perma models which made me really happy that I am recognized as one of the gaijin gyaru. I've been more active now in the overseas community than I have in the local one because there is too much underground rivalry going on and gals are less willing to accept new people in their clique.

Link here to download/view magazine: GAL VIP JAN-FEB Vol.4

Here is summary of the magazine (yes i read it, only managed to view 1/2 of it before release):

Usagi's Picks - She introuduces all her fav top picks from fav fashion outlet to fav colour contacts. I love the intro about , so i might be trying that out since I am getting abit pudgy.

Fast Fashion challenge done by VIPGAL Models - A little money can go a long way for fashion. I was really pulled into the well-written article and learn a lot of new things. I love Alba's coords, I didn't know that it is possible to get clothes like that from ZARA. *has not shop locally for the longest time, yes we have ZARA in Singapore (fyi for foreign readers)* The only two shop that Singapore doesn't have in the models challenge is Burshka and Burlington Coat Factory. I do think that the items our fast fashion stores brings in are different too though... maybe, I gotta check it out sometimes.

Gal games - The games mentioned amused me. I could prolly go for the blind artist XD

Royalty diet/recipe section - Everything looks so yummy =w=lll but I cant make them cos my mom might start nagging on me for hogging the kitchen. I only do fast unhealthy snacks ORZ gotta work on that.

Gal unit [Black Diamond] - Their feature made me a little skeptical since the big hoo-haa about it. I pulled out from the group within less than one week of joining but the manager did not seem to care and up till date, my picture is still on the website... I do like the interview for the girls, but I hope it is as authentic as it sounds because the group manager has made them read from a paper with the same messages for the gaijin gals which appeared a little less sincere, in my opinion. My fav gal of this issue is Demi for style, Nachumero for her extra thoughts put into answering the questions!

Makeup and hairtutorials - The hair tutorial for this issue is a little less informative.. the front,back,side pictures are all missing. What happened? Our makeup theme this time was colours, everyone was given a colour to work with. I loved Saiharii's innovative idea but I would have enjoyed a red shadow look ever more since everyone did eyeshadows. Fav make was Ninoshka (jus above mine), i had a preview of hers before the release because she has some problems with the colours and wanted to switch with me but i did mine already (SORRY NINO!!) but we quickly solved the problem of her makeup together. YAY!

Giveaway page - This is my giveback to the gaijin gyaru comm who have treated me with such generosity for my bad attitude to good one ever since i started. (gaijin gyaru refers to gyarus outside of japanese community, that means SG GYARUS too! I'll never forget my supportive gyaru friends. ) I thank every single gyaru for downloading GAL VIP and for the staff at GAL VIP making me feel at ease amongst them, particularly Danyy with her awesome voice. She has been patient to work with me through our time difference and my specifications on this page along with her creativity. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful.

I will definitely work harder for the next issue! *infact I've started*
I really hope to see this magazine grow!


Recently I've been so busy with packing my room, that even my mom praised me for being able to pack up the room like HER STANDARDS. I guess that is a big boost for me though I was constantly complaining about having to pack my room. ( I am prolly one of the messiest girls you have ever seen). Gotta go clean somemore cos relatives are coming in to visit for CNY SOON! GOTTA RUN! WOO /0/


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