Giveaway results X Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

To be honest, I would have forgotten about this day if not for my work... I had to translate tons of stuff for a valentine's patch and events for a game I was in-charge of.

For the singles, hope that all of you will find your true one soon regardless of anything.
May couples tolerate each other and stay together forever.

Through my years of relationships with different kind of guys, from the nerds to the sporties and musicians. Every guy/girl brings me a new different kind of experience and heartache or disgust. On the surface, I might be constantly slamming those relationships because it ended up bad but I still treasure every happy times and learn a lot from each relation.
I guess a lot of people must have said this before, but jumping straight into a relationship just because you are lonely or infatuated with the good looks is not advised. Always get to know the person or at least be prepared to accept the person for who he/she is. I've committed this mistake one too many times, and learn a great lot from it.

Insecurities are always there. Sit down and talk about it, do not brush your partner off if he/she is insecure. Do something about it before it is too late. 

Just because being together for years does not grant your place permanently.

People who are more suited for your partner will come along and try to take them away or your indifference towards them will push them away. Learn to listen, be more obvious with your actions. Being subtle does not work all the time because not everyone is sensitive or mindreaders, it is like slapping air.

You did it, everyone saw it, but he/she doesn't feel it.

I don't really know why I am writing all these when I suppose to be blogging about somethingelse *laughs*

Happy valentine's day, everyone~


I knw that this giveaway is suppose to end on 12, but I kinda stalled abit... so this is the final results \0/
Giveaway/Review here: Miracle Bio Water by BioEssence

1. Teruteru Terumi
2. sarahチル
3. Chika Mizushima
4. ❤Reila❤
5. lee liet
6. Bebe
7. Evangeline
8. Yuki


2. sarahチル
4. ❤Reila❤
7. Evangeline


 I will be contacting the winners by tonight, so if you saw it first do be patient 8D;;
 Please get to me in 3 days with your address, if not i'll do a redraw among the rest of the participants.

Have a great day~~!


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Weee..sankyuu lots!!><

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