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Creative Expression with Delightful Ease

What do you think when you see such a tagline? Personally, I think it delivers the message very well. To me, it is delivering your ideas in the easiest/most comfortable way available.

Being a blogger, photos are always important to me as they are recordings of my life and creativity to share with everyone. When there are pictures involved, either you paint them out like olden days or snap them up with a camera. For me, I choose a camera, just because cameras can capture seconds of life that can be missed once you blink.

I've never thought of how important a camera is to a blogger, I mean as long as you can take pictures it is fine right? Wrong.

Let me share you my sob story... just two weeks ago, my DSLR have been denounced dead. It took a last few food pictures for me, and died. The repair service told me that the motherboard was gone. GONE?!

I've used it barely 2 years... So nowadays, I am stuck with a really old digital camera... at least a good 6-8 years old digital camera. Functions are bad, light control is bad, exposure is bad... well pretty much everything. Worse of all is, I am not a genius at camera, so my pictures came out pretty much bad.


That aside, NIKON has a series called NIKON 1 and they are one of the most fashionable cameras I've ever seen.

Introducing NIKON 1 J2

- Ultra fast auto focus(AF)
Ever had that problem when everyone has finished snapping their food and waiting for u? Or you want to take a quick shot before someone walks past your view? I have.
Thought your picture focused but it came out blur cos u moved? YEP.

 My DSLR could do the quick shot but the clear shot part is bad cos I have no skill, and now it is gone and the little old digi camera works pretty slow... like... SLOW. So this is quite important. Everyone would wanna capture a moment SHARP AND CLEAR.

NIKON 1 series has a hybrid AF system to perform the task.

With this, all my self fashion shots that I do recently can come out perfect.

- Motion Snapshot
I was quite awed by this function, you have to watch the video at the website to understand. Basically what it does is to take a 1-sec movie + a still shot and combine the two to make the picture "come alive".
To me, it seem like creating the perfect photo out of two imperfect moments. Creativity with Ease is really achieved with maximum effects in this function.

No more having to worry about a weird face expression while donning on awesome fashion when the best of both is combined.

- Smart Photo Selector
Event photos. Fashion Runways especially. Instead of pressing 100 over shutters, you can just press once to take 20 in Smart Photo Selector and let NIKON choose the best 5 photos for you. I am guessing the best 5 would include face detection, motion detection and focus and stuff like that?

LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS YOU TOOK OF YOUR OUTFIT? Let Nikon rack its digital brain for you and narrow down your choices!

- Slow Motion Video
Always having to transfer to your computer to do that extra slowing down of video to take a screenshot or missing the timing and having to replay the moment all over again? You can slow down everything now with just this camera.

- HD Video Shooting
Some of you might know that I do youtube videos too. Having a camera with a video function is extremely easy for me. Not to mention, this is in HD. *wriggle eyebrows*

- Creative mode
8 different modes for you to capture different scenery, faces, fashion, emotions.

Fashion is several different tastes, what more can you ask for.

- Retractable lens and built-in flash.
I love how the cute little flash pops up, and no more pressing or clicking to on your camera. Just twist your lens and go go go!

Bright and clear shots with fast action. Keep memories of your best fashion days in an instant. 

- Compact and lightweight, available in 6 colours
YES YES YES! All those function packed into a little body~! No more hauling or hugeass cameras for better quality, no more sore arms from the weight while taking pictures! *kisses Nikon 1 J2*
This is like a pro cam in a mini pack /0/ Find one colour that spells your personality!

Bring it everywhere with you! Spell your fashion colours with NIKON.

- Unlimited Expandability and Waterproofable
Not enough? Lens are easily interchangeable and the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Fashion is endless, Capture the moment now. Land fashion is common, try fashion in ocean too~! I know I would love to give it a go.


This is an outfit i created to pair along with Nikon 1 J2 in Red

Why red and not black you might ask? I always feels that red goes the best with black and yet stand out, just like my lips.

Nikon 1 J2 in Red screams sleek and elegance with a pop of colour all in one and goes really well with almost my whole wardrobe.

Who says you can't be fashionable while carrying an awesome camera?

Now everyone can take good and fashionable photos with ease~
Check out the Nikon 1 J2 today :

Would love to get this camera now! *rolls all over the screen*


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