My last reminder

Today. A great ending was put to one section of my most important life. One section of my life that I've never shared and will never ever share.

I cried. I cried a great deal like I've never had before. I went to work despite feeling the intense pain, the retching from stress. Waiting aimlessly for evening to come, for my answers to come.
When it came to me, it was bad. It was horrible for all to bear. It was beyond torturous for everyone. However, I accepted it with no questions because it was honest, it was real. Even if might be lies to others, it was real because only we understood.

All I wish now, is for tears not to drop because of me. We must all move on. Remember what i said, i hope one day, we can smile, lock arms and laugh again.
May be reading this now, may not be, but do not let tears drop because it is too precious. Carry on. I will cross path again one day, and we will smile and laugh again without the past.

I was left with a present that i cannot share.

I'll see you around. Always precious to me.


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