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Hey all~ Just wanna share the good news that Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is finally here in Singapore. As a fan of biore products, I was really happy to be one of the first few in Singapore to try it out~

This sunscreen has been no.1 in Japan since 2011 and was even awarded in COSME 2011. For all makeup lovers, you would know that COSME is a represent of Japan make products.

To be honest, at the start I was a little hesitant about accepting this sponsorship because I hardly use sunblock/screen due to it being really sticky/greasy/uncomfy after application but THIS.THIS PRODUCT changed my view totally.

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UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence functions

Double UV Block up to 16 Hours
PA +++ for long hours
Hydrates & Softens
Light and Refreshing

Usually when people buy sunblock, they are so focused on looking at the SPF that PA is usually neglected.

There are two main types of UV rays: UVA [Skin age] and UVB [Skin burn]

A 101 lesson with Biore!

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) targets to prevent you from sun burns (UVB). As all of you know, the higher the number, the better. Do you know what it is for?
the number indicates the time for sunscreen.

Light to Fair skin : 10 mins
Normal skin: 15 mins
Tanned to dark: 20 mins

Depending on your skin type, Biore Aqua gives you up to 16 hours of protection or more!

How to calculate:

SPF [digit] X [time] = Protection Duration from UVB

My protection with Biore Aqua
SPF 50 X 15 = 12.5 HOURS

Protection Grade for UVA (PA) targets to prevent your skin from aging due to UV. As usual, the higher the grade, the better the protection.

PA+ is good for indoors(indoor swimming pool maybe?) while PA+++ is good for long hours outdoor.(out in the open of course)

With such a high protection rate, Biore Aqua sure puts me at ease without worrying for my skin as long as I have it.

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Sunscreen dispenses as a white cream like most sunblock creams in the market with a really light lotion fragrance.

SUNSCREEN WITH HYALURONIC ACID with citrus extract? That is something that is new to me, sunscreen has now turned into a full-time skin care&repair product!
Hyaluronic acid locks in skin moisture, and that is exactly what you need when your skin dries up under the sun. Citrus extract serves as an anti-oxidizing agent too! That keeps your face looking bright and supple!

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Chart of a molecule in Biore Aqua

Lastly, is the texture of this sunscreen AFTER application that totally sold me.
For those who have applied sunscreen/sunblock creams before, you would know that the aftermath is slightly irritating... if not really nasty. There is always this sticky/greasy feeling... no matter how slight.
However, application of the Biore Aqua is so light and refreshing, that it feels even better than my moisturizer. My skin almost instantly absorbs the essence. Thanks to it being so light, I've actually started wearing sunscreen everyday! This is a great improvement for my skin, because now it will be well protected even if a little late.

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Verdict: 5/5
I've tried to put on sunscreens a lot of times before but none have ever got me going like OH! YES SUNBLOCK! .. usually i m all like UGHHHHHH...nevermind let's just leave it.
Neither do I have to wash my palms after application [OCD here/ Doesn't like sticky hands]. It makes my skin feels soft after application and I absolutely love the super light and refreshing scent of lotion and not overpowering at all.

I will definitely purchase it when I finish this one that i have.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence retails at $18.90 for 50ML at selected pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets in Singapore.
I know you can find them in Watsons because I saw it just yesterday~ love the display counter
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Hope you will now enjoy good skin protection like me!

p.s. Just incase you are wondering why I did not have the bowl and lemon like other bloggers... my bowl arrived SHATTERED and my lemon got stabbed to death in the process. Please don't laugh and try to hold a one minute silence for that innocent little lemon. *inserts lemon funeral picture here*

Some random update~

went to watch Warm Bodies with my mom yesterday. Yep, the movie just hit Singapore shores not long ago even though it was out in US quite awhile back. It is quite the quirky movie, and made me and my mom laughed a lot. So catch it if you have not.

Absolutely LOVE R. He is so adorable *sighs*

My mom was really amusing me when we were ordering Subway for dinner, it was her first time and glad that she enjoyed the sandwich as much as I do. It rocks sometimes to have your mom have the same tastebuds as you~


miwitch Jones said…
I LOVE RRRRRRRRRR~~~~ After watching that, I end up also watching the Jack the giant slayer... just because of him. Hhahaha~

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