Life Update

After the whole Tampines 1 competition I took a short break from blogging because I was so busy with Sharlene's wedding. I'll blog about her wedding soon because it made me feel so happy though I was rushing around the whole day, working my ass off to make her beautiful with a limited time frame. Special thanks to Elaine for the night who helped me in my work on short notice.

So I am just going to blog about random things like my current obsession.

If you have been around my facebook, you would have realise that I am doing less of gyaru make nowadays unless I really feel like it. I guess somehow I am just sort of demotivated...

I decided to move to the korean look for abit... I admit I am partially shifted to this decision due to the fact that my current love is Taeyang from Big Bang. I don't really pay attention to Big Bang members, only to their music. However these few months, I came across Taeyang's solo songs which was released last year and I am HOOKED. Not only to his voice, his music, his body and also his smile.

Those who follow me for quite a long time now would know that I am usually attracted to feminine looking guys, like j-rockers Aoi and Uruha... or in korean boyband sense would be JS HyunSeung from Beast.... so yea. *shrugs* I've no freaking idea why Taeyang attracts me so much~~

His smile like sunshine, and that cheeky feeling~~ him being a taurus is a plus point! Taurus guys just appeals to me somehow... *laughs*

I'll leave you to my favourite song of his~

I guess thats all for it now. I'll update with the wedding by mid/end week again /0/


Kri said…
Taeyang is so smexy!

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