This is Mirai from .  I did not ask her permission to post this picture because I wrote this post in a super short span, and she's my friend so I believe she's be more lenient on me 8D


I've heard of a while back and liked their FB page, reading some of their posts and news time to time but this one damn situation that I absolutely CANNOT accept.


For a rough idea of what happened: Mirai-L: Bright Hair colours =/= Fashion Fail


I am sure most of my readers will agree with me, different hair colours is NOT a fashion fail. It is like that clothes you wear everyday, unless you are telling me you have worn one colour for your whole entire life, then you are allowed to agree it is a fashion fail.

I went to their article and saw MORE ARTICLE FAILS.

let me elaborate...

1. Stealing of pictures and no credits. This is fucked up to the max. As an operating online website of news, do you not cite your articles? YOU CALL YOURSELF A JOUNALIST/COLUMNIST?EDITOR WHEN YOU DO NOT CITE SOURCES? go burn yourself, you are already unqualified. To have the guts to edit someone else's picture is such a distasteful way? *spits on you*

2. Biased opinions of Fashion. Do you even know fashion in the first place?  Let me name out one by one how auntie you are.. you are practically someone that comes from 1980s or something even further back. Ancient Fossil.

a. Wearing black circle lenses. Colour contacts exists before you know what is fashion, and some people are born with smaller pupils. Is it wrong to want to look like those born with larger pupils? OH WAIT, you jus insulted those with naturally huge pupils. moron.

b. Coloured hair. I'd have you know that this happened probably way before you are born and was already A FASHION STATEMENT in foreign countries before it hit sad singapore, who is usually at the end of the fashion line because our imports are so loserish that they cannot keep up with new releases.

c. Side-shave. OH This is juvenile and ugly? Why don't you list it as Fashion Mistakes THE WHOLE WORLD MAKES. Guys do it too, auntie/uncle editor.

d. Invisible bra straps. These are items that are meant to replace visible one to hold BOOBS. Did you know that some women are unable to wear strapless and feel comfortable? At least they are not blatantly using visible ugly straps. Oh and by the way? Visible straps are somewhat in too, that sexy vibe.

e. Falsies. Don't even get me started on this. Try getting a pair of 1.5CM falsies, and use your fucking mascara to lengthen a 3mm lash to that length. Bitch. Obviously you must be an old lady if you mention kitchen necessities, most people go there to buy craft or decorations.

The list can go on and on, and for some of the clothing pictures, they obviously pick bigger sized people which is... not very sexy. How low can you get?

For such a shit article written, I don't even see why you should get anymore followers when all you give is rubbish info.
As someone who change hair colour oftenly too, I am offended by your small brains and lack of info.

I think Mirai and the other girls who got their photos stolen from deserves a public apology on the website itself. You might think you are an oh-so-smart fashionista editor, but you are nothing but some pudgy jealous slum. 

p.s. I thought the girl with side shave was really good.



Cheryl Low said…
Agree so much with this! The dumb article was picking out on every trend now. -_- Must be some pre evolution donkey.
Luck A. Tan said…
That was one hell of a biased article! >:O

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