AssKicker 2 (Movie Premier)

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No, i did not make a mistake in my title~ those who watched the movie will know *winks*

So thanks to OMY.SG, I was one of the first few invited to catch KickAss 2!
Here is the trailer~~

KickAss 2 is a sequel where the costumed high-school hero, Kick-Ass ,joins a group of normal citizens who have been inspired to fight crimes in costumes. Meanwhile, the Red Mist(now known as the Motherfucker) hires top killers and plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone that Kick-Ass knows.


Before the movie, I got up-close and personal with some of the villains (maybe heroes in secret). They are actually my friends in real life, which greatly surprised me because I had no idea that they will be here for the premier, making this premier so much more special for me and my date!

The S M ~~ (suppose to be Sexy Man, but we know best, don't we?)

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And a series of sassy photos from THAT *coughsdeadpoolcoughs* GUY!

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In the cinema, waiting for show to start~
What is a superhero movies without your heroes and villains?!

Thanks guys~ the Kick-ass and Hitgirl were really friendly.
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MC donned in "superhero" outfits too~

 photo DSCF9232_427x320.jpg photo DSCF9232_427x320.jpg

and my ever-adorable THAT GUY


The movie was loaded with actions and emotions. It shows despite being crime fighters, they have real lives outside of their costumes and responsibilities to assume. However what is life if you do not be what you really want to be?

I would give this movie a 4/5 because I still feel that it wasn't as engaging as Kick-ass.

I shall do away with the spoilers as movie opens TODAY.
Everyone should head on down to your nearest cinema and catch the movie TODAY.

A picture of the picture which i borrowed from the S.M.

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After the whole movie, we unmasked the hero/villains and went out for an awesome supper/dinner~ It was truly fun to hang out with these friends as they are always so entertaining and such awesome guys to be around~

Me with Andy( aka S.M., so handsome behind that pink mask) and my gorgeous date of the night, Simon.
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My forever sista Invinc (aka THAT GUY), he has always brought smiles to my face no matter what he does.
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With Andy and Refund Guy Jun(also known as the DoucheBag for that night *laughs* at least he won something)
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and our Huge Pizza. A big meal for my big heroes/villains. We dub ourselves all villains pretty much, since we are not kind at all.
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Thank you OMY.SG and Golden Village for this wonderful night.


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