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Another post about collagen...AGAIN. 

I am just so into all these collagen products because they do their work.
The thing about all these collagen products is that you must take it daily, not because it will help you replenish your collagen level because collagen cannot be absorbed by body, however it can become your spare resource.

I mean, if your body can absorb collagen, seriously speaking... why would you only take 1 satchel/serving/bottle a day only. TAKE MORE, it is not going to waste. However, it doesn't work that way.

Introducing Mygenlife Beauty Collagen Drink

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Beauty Collagen Nectar drink uses an intensive formula to improve the water binder that help to keep your skin supple, radiant and firm. With skin sufficiently hydrated and depleted collagen levels regularly replenished, wrinkle-free, rosy and supple look can be yours in just 28 days (results differs for individuals).

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Main Ingredients:

- Fish Collagen ( 12,000mg )
This is the highest concentra1on of collagen in a drink. It ensure that your skin gets the
maximum collagen it losses due to aging.

-Green Tea
Rich in polyphenols that fight free radicals. The an1oxidants present in Green Tea helps to slow down
the aging process helping you look younger.

- Mangoesteen
Known as the “Queen of Fruits “ contains naturally occurring xanthones, an1oxidants and many
nutrients which are beneficial to your body and helps slow down the aging process.

- Optiberry
Unique blend of berries including blueberry, strawberry, cranberry bilberry, elderberry and raspberry
to provide the maximum an1oxidant for the whole body

It contains Vitamin C as well which is essential to consume with collagen.

Nutritional Information (1 bottle/ 50ml)

Energy - 73.45kcal
Carbohydrates - 6.95g
Protein - 11.36g
Fat - 0.02g

All the goodness and nutrients in ONE small bottle.

Verdict: 2/5

To be really honest, this product has fallen short of my expectations.
The pro of this product will be that it is in DRINK form, fast and easy to take in. Just one bottle makes your day.
Compared to other drinks that I've tried locally and overseas(taiwan&china),the effects of this drink is not as obvious as others and the taste is really dull.
The price of it is very reasonable as well.

However this beauty drink has others which caught my eyes, refer to MyGenBeauty @ Hannah Holding for more information on other drinks available.
I am very interested in the Detox and Bustful.

Retails at SGD$49.90 at Guardian and MyGenBeauty @ Hannah Holding


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