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I was super excited when this came in today from SampleStore.com, because it is BIORE~~~

Biore has been one of my top favourite brands for cleansers and removals~ I am a fan!!
And today, we are going review a product that has been leveled up!!


The BIORE Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets (also known to me as makeup wipes)

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I absolutely love the new hardcase packaging compared to the old one.
The new casing is airtight as well, and easier to use compared to the old one.

Here is their new look!
 photo pack3.jpg

 photo 20131213_231527.jpg photo 20131213_231609.jpg

So here are the claims of the *NEW* Cleansing Oil Sheets and my thoughts!

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1. Speedier Make-up Removal: 20% MORE cleansing oil in each sheet.

Checked: I took about 1/2 the time to rid my face of makeup thoroughly.
 photo 20131213_232131.jpg

2. Gentler to skin: 50% Less wiping on eyelash and eye area

Checked: People who know will know that my eye makeup is rather heavy and resistant. Took our my topliner and eyelash glue in 2-3 swipes. Mascara took a little more time (woohoo Heroine Make)
 photo 20131213_231809.jpg

3. Moist after skin feel : NEW Hydrating Beauty Essence to leave skin moist and soft with no stickiness

Checked: Skin did NOT feel dry at all~~ It felt like i've jus washed my face and moisturized it~ there is no stickness as well!!
 photo 20131213_232443.jpg

Verdict: 5/5

I will definitely buy it again. I used to use at least two sheets before I feel that my makeup is thoroughly clean out, but now I only require one!! I've always thought that Biore wipes were pretty awesome, now it just got a whole lot better!!
You have to try it too!!

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Biore Cotton Sheets are available in major pharmacies and super hypermarkets.

Retail prices are as below:
Regular tub $17.90
Refill pack $15.60
Handy Pack 10s

Get your own today!!

Special thanks to SampleStore.com and Kao Biore for sponsoring this product.


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