Korea #Meokja

So some might have know that I've just landed in Korea this morning and it is NOT a smooth day, and I may or may not have caught a cold from the full day of rain.

Will be trying to do posts as much as I can as well for this trip hopefully.

That aside, I've been watching "Let's Eat" and "Let's Eat II" frequently as some might have known from my facebook as well cos I was complaining the highly irritating main characters.

Inspired by Shiksha-nim, Goo Dae Young, I am going to do a series of post mimicking his way of presenting food~~~

1st meal in KR!

It really doesn't make sense that my first korea meal is Japanese, but withthe heavy rain and lack of brollies, we could only head nearby to this family restaurant, かつや (katsuya).

I swear there isn't much famous expensive katsu in Singapore that can match up to this humble family restaurants. Ordered curry cheese katsu and it was so damn good, and it was not oily or greasy at all like most katsu made in Singapore. It was definitely easy on my stomach, and I finished my meal in record timing.

boyfie was still eating after I am long done~ hurhurhur
damage: 6,500 ₩ per plate

2nd Meal~

We scooted off to a restaurant bar after a nap to recover from a long wet day.

Best name for the bar: BROS

I was pretty amused and we had pepperoni pizza which was alright but a gamechanger was ordered as well.

Cream Dokbokki(rice cake)~ more like nacho cheese dokbokki to me though.

The sauce went really well with the pizza and dokbokki was really filling.

He is always darn savage when it comes to eating at night, I just don't know where all the food goes to.

total damage: 28,000₩ (inclusive of 2 softdrinks)

I am totally stuffed like a christmas turkey now.

Gonna go succumb to food coma and ready up for tomorrow!


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