Let's #Meokja , Everland!

This is how I probably look like the whole morning cos it is frustrating to deal with adults. #icantadulttoday not when I am headed to funland Everland~

Apparently, they had some panda Le Bao thingy going on, so the tic stubs look like this.

and he also made it was Halloween deco, cos initially he was kinda sad that he will be missing Halloween in camp.

One of the displays that has not changed, but a lot has changed in Everland. Things that do not require cash now requires kachings. Free hologram shows are now chargeable, it makes me so very sad.

challenged the largest rollercoaster there as well, and my bro plucked up all his courage to go with us as well~

It was one hell of ride, even I was slightly shaken.10/10 will ride again~~

After all those screaming, everyone was so hungry so we had some chips,meat, mac n cheese. It was nothing spectacular really since it was fastfood in a themepark.

After that, i was convinced by Brandie to company him through the Haunted Maze, it was some haunted house with a background story of a clinic used for illegal experiments.

When i was 20,i swore off haunted houses. 6 yrs later, i think i should stick too it. I spent like 90% of the time hiding my face in his hoodie.

I got a bunny clip as a reward though ♡♡♡

After a long day in the park, we went home pretty late, and well. This is the last meokja for the day~


It was a fun day to be sharing on the day itself, but my day ended in tears as I ope ed my facebook page to find out Chiaki has left us. Chiaki/debbie/autymn joan, yuuto's faceup artist, a chirpy pretty lady left this world for a better place today.

I cried so hard on the train back that I had no mood to blog.

At least she doesnt have to suffer anymore.
Rest well, Chiaki ♡


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