Not-so-successful #MeokJa

Day 2 in Korea!

picture is of a mobile cafe with a Mi-nam(pretty boy) in suit~ mojito in the morning anyone?

Today's itinerary is Gwang Jang Market and Dongdaemun~~ as expected, it isn't exactly a fulfiling trip if travelling with a huge group along with elderly people. Grandpa was being grumpy cos he had to walk, alot.

GwangJang Market is a place with food,but it is like... 20 over stores owned by different people selling the same 3-4 kinds of food over n over.

#fail meokja shot (a "before" shot contributed by Brandie)

I had redbean porridge for the first time and it was a true Gintoki special ♡♡♡
It was really filling and you could actually adjust the sweetness to your liking with sugar, and it doesn't start out as sweet at all, just bland redbean goo. The game changes when you get the sugar in \0/

After GwangJang Market, we scoot over to Dongdaemun. They were selling fake Copahengan bunnies EVERYWHERE but I couldn't find a mint colour one for Cookie.

Dongdaemun is a awesome area for wholesale EVERYTHING.
From towels to fabric to clothes, everything comes in bulk purchases in the old shopping galleries.

We bought boots but that will come in a shopping post next time.

Went back to our area in gwancheol dong and had freaking awesome Taco Bell for lunch. It is kinda sad that there is not many, if not none, in Singapore anymore. Eating it makes me wonder why I did not try it when I first saw it really.

He goes for a before picture, and I'll do the aftermath muahahaha \0/

This was downright wicked. Melted cheddar and mozarella in the middle of a wrap and taco shell with bulgogi in it (he had the beef one but not my type)

After that, it was true blue food coma.
He was out for about 2 hours, I was out for about 3. Just couldn't stay awake after all that food.

Dinner was homecooked, so not too convenient to do a #meokja photo cos elderly was around..gosh. The inconvenience of having them around, but i love 'em cos you pretty much don't have much time to travel with your grandparents really.

my mom and her yoga-ed tushie, cutting the meat for everyone~

that's it for today!

Everland tomorrow!! I wonder if I will be able to do a #meokja post since playing will be the main focus. Maybe, I'll write a shopping post tomorrow...


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