New fast dining choice: Kaisen Tei

It has been a while, peeps! I've never got to finish my blog about my eating trips in Korea because I was so busy with work, and straight after I quit, i flew in the same direction again to Japan (=A=)/ I have been busy, I have ate really well, and I have gained 6 KG in the past 1 year (Q-Q) What is this scary lack of discipline?

Despite that, being a glutton for good sashimi, I've picked up another awesome invite from MOF (Ministry of Food) to their new concept store, Kaisen Tei.

I would give you tons of information about this place, and the company but really, who cares? We are all here for the food. All you need to know is Ministry of Food serves good food.

Kaisen Tei : Chirashi-don concept, casual dining.
That being said, for those who do not understand " Chirashi don", "don" is basically a bowl of rice, and "chirashi" is a variety of ingredients. Pretty much like the Japanese version of Economy rice.

Situated in an eye-catching area on the 3rd floor of 313 @ Somerset.

Menu on the table

Upon arrival, you will usually be greeted by the warm staff ( like every other MOF establishment), but do be patient if it is during crunch hour. Menu will be displayed outside of the diner and there are copies promoting their signatures and mains as well.

This is a SELF-SERVICE location as it promotes takeaways as well for busy individuals, so do order at the counter first before getting comfy if you are not in rush.

Open kitchen so you can "supervise" your food.

Our dons order to be served.

On to the food!

Signatures and add-ons in small little cups behind.

Highly recommended must-try dishes of the day would definitely be the Kaisen Signatures, the Kaisen-don and salad. (Kaisen means seafood, by the way)

Soaked in a light shoyu-based seafood sauce, and arranged with 4 types of seafood, this dish stole my heart (or tummy) for the day.
Seafood mains include salmon, maguro (tuna), mekajiki (swordfish) and hotate(scallop). Accompanied by other ingredients such as tamagoyaki (egg), cucumber, ikura (fish roe), sweet pickles, sesame seed and spring onions.

The sauce compliments the seafood as it is not heavy, and emphasizes the taste of the fresh ingredients. However, if you are not a fan of the raw ingredients, you may skip to customization or a "hot" main.

Specimen B of Word from the Kitchen is not a salad person.

From left to right: Negitoro don(fatty tuna), Aburi Salmon don(torched, semi cooked), Customized don.

Next up, are a few other don choices that was served to us as well ( you can bet your ass that I've put on another KG after this tasting).

I only had a slight tasting of the negitoro, so I could not really give much of an opinion. The negitoro was good, but you can listen of the ramblings of the kitchen guy who loves negitoro more that me at his post HERE.

I did not touch the aburi salmon as it belonged to another blogger, but I do have a good amount off the custom don.

Unique to Kaisen Tei, the food pros understand that not everyone likes what is made for them. Since not everyone has the same taste, Kaisen Tei has it covered.

2 different choice of main, 4 Types of sauce, 8 types of seafood, 11 toppings. ENDLESS COMBINATION.

You will get to select rice or salad, depending on your hunger/diet at the moment.

4 types of sauces which is, if I can say, each of a different world.

- Kaisen : Light shoyu seafood sauce
- Wasabi Yuzu : Tangy and refreshing yuzu sauce with an almost negligible hint of wasabi ( I hate wasabi, if I say it is good, you better try it.)
- Wafu : Onion based sauce (goes well with almost everything)
- Yakiniku : Red meat sauce on the heavier side (If you dislike the freshness of the raw fish, you can select this)

After you select everything, there is an option to "Aburi (torch)" your selection as well so that you do not have to eat a completely raw dish if you want to try the freshness of their catch, and yet reserved about the taste.

Curry Rice~♡

Last but not least, the curry menu. However, what I want to bring your attention to is not the curry, but the pork katsu.

Soft and tender, juicy and crunchy. If you are a fan of pork and japanese curry, this is one katsu you must try (Warning: very filling).

Everyone is always concerned about the pricing, so here you go, the order chits. In my opinion, it is quite affordable for a good bowl of fresh sashimi and rice and you get to choose within your budget. No more breaking the bank to have a good bowl of don.

In case if you are wondering why the bowls and the cutlery are disposable, as mention right at the start, this place promotes takeaways for busy people in the town area but provide seats to cater to diners who would like to enjoy their dons fresh out of kitchen as well. I think it is a very good option for people who changes their minds at the very last minute to takeaway too, no waiting time! Just cover your food and bring it with you.

Kaisen Tei is now officially open, and will be set to open more stores as well! Eyes on their facebook page for more updates!

Address: 313 Orchard Road, #03-41, 313 @ Somerset, Singapore 238859

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thurs : 1130 HRS ~ 2200 HRS
Fri - Sat / Eve : 1130 HRS ~ 2230 HRS
Sun / PH : 1130 HRS ~ 2200 HRS

More information at Kaisen Tei Facebook Page

Special thanks to M.O.F again for hosting us for this event.


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