Moisture and Sun: BIODERMA 2-in-1 moisturising anti-UV mist (Eau de soin SPF 30) [sponsored]


Multiple product applications is always an issue for me when heading out in sunny Singapore. In this humid and hot weather, there is two must-haves in my outdoor kit to protect my skin : sunscreen and mist spray.This makes my bag very bulky constantly as there are two bottles ( yes, bring your sunscreen out as it is VERY important to reapply constantly)

Lucky for ladies,BIODERMA just made it a whole lot easier for us.
Introducing the BIODERMA 2-in-1 moisturising anti-UV mist (Eau de soin SPF 30), a sunscreen mist that comes in a convenient size as well!

To make the deal even sweeter, Bioderma introduced suncreen AND anti-oxidant complex into your usual hydrating mist routine to create a sunblock mist which aids in both hydration and anti-aging.The Bioderma Hydrabio Eau de soin SPF 30 PA +++ is the only mist in the derma-cosmetics category to have anti-aging properties so far!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that skin glow?

Here are the 3 key features in the products:

- SPF in water
Suncreen that requires no spreading, invisible on skin and usable over makeup, plus a non-sticky finish. Cellular Bioprotection is added into the formula as well to prevent damage to skin immune system and preserves antioxidant reserves.

- Deeply hydrating water
Highly purified water powered by Aquagenium patent to help repair skin barrier, retain moisture and restore skin's water circulation. The patent uses apple seed extract and Vitamin PP as their main ingredients.
Apple seed extract benefit: Anti-aging
Vitamin PP (also known as Vitamin B3/Niacin): Healthy skin

-Diffusion technique
Equipped with a superfine spray, the product comes in an air-free pump bottle equipped with a gas-free atmospheric spray to do their part in environment protection. Formula settles on skin like a veil and does not stain clothing.

BIODERMA 2-in-1 moisturising anti-UV mist test

X-brand mist test

As someone who is very particular about the mist particles for absorption rate, I did a mist test on my phone surface for comparison. Bioderma truly has superfine mist which helps when it comes to absorption of products for the skin, especially when you are on the go which makes this a perfect hydration mist.

For our sensitive skin readers, you will also be glad to know that the following product have the following features as well:
-High tolerance
-No stains

Another thing to note, is that during March, it's exclusive to Watsons at $16.90 (save further 15%) before it rolls out islandwide on 1 April at $19.90. Can be purchase at Watsons' eStore .

So do your skin a favor and grab yours today.
For more information, do visit Bioderma Singapore website for more information.

Stay protected and stay beautiful, people!


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