dinner date with janeeeee /0/

hahahah the LESS-camera-shy girl now 8DDD
for the prev post: http://kamiyarehauste.blogspot.com/2010/01/laughin-like-no-tmr.html

so anyway~~~ i met up with her again~~~~< 3
yesterday i was woke up by her message, to ask me wear manry clothes. i laughed and went back to sleep HAHAH so cute luh /0/

so yea today i humored her, and wore manry stuff 83

went purikura and dinner. At the end of the dinner, we were feelin damn sluggish 83
went to the arcade and play taiko[me], den she wanted rematch at Soul3. It was a damn funny session luh 83 Either she's improve quite abit, or i really sucked bad. XD

It was a nice date all in all. Cheered me up quite abit ^^


Shinn, i know you are reading this.
I need some time to think. Bring up our past, doesnt move me at all, it irritates me.
Leave me alone for this week. I wont be meeting you.
I need to think if...
Are you really worth it for me to take that chance to hurt myself one more time...


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