Merry Kurimasu and a happy new year~~

First of all, let me apologise for my lack of updates. My life after napbas is pretty described like that...

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEHBUN[Azhy/Azhrien/Lucan and all sorts of names]~~~~

When i m not in bed, i m working. When I am not working, I am bedridden from sickness.

Yesterday, I finished a bridal assignment and today I am sick as hell that I couldnt pick up another assignment from WhiteStudio. I wanted to go badly to earn some cash, but my body wouldnt allow me. My cough deteriorated and my throat is probably badly tarnish. I can only talk really softly or end up coughing after raising my voice to an audible level. Eating is also a problem, but then again, I dont have much of an appetite

That aside, due to all those above, I hardly did anything to the napbas picture lying around in my computer... I will try to get the post up as soon as possible.

Now we refer back to the photo at the start.
Drawn by my ever-talented "bara-wannabe" wife, Azhrien.
Three years~ hahaha we are married for THREE WHOLE YEARS ALREADY. epic post here

He man-ed me up real good *laughs* honestly, the hair is pretty accurate.. if you see me every morning. The feisty kid is obviously yuuto and the blur one is obviously ciel. If you cant differentiate, check out yuuto's ear. He wears a cross jus like his mommy. *huggles azhy* The one at the back would obviously be cythie coming back from work... HAHAHAHAHA!!!


Sooooo on christmas eve, I was suppose to go for the la barra di shitno thingy but the place just sucks. If you have been following my FB / Twitter, you would have known what happen. So we splitted the joint and went to Dango's house and had the most horrible red wine EVER. I ended getting really tipsy and threw up on the cab on the way home cos the cab driver was accelerating and decelerating really violently. You can just hear the engine raring all the way... it was a freaking jerky ride so all the alcohol came up *laughs* my first time throwing up after drinking outside of house.... or rather my first time throwing up after drinking... not to mention I was already sick.

Great experience though...

I used the remaining time to heal up and went for YQ's party during christmas evening, all dressed up like a hobo. Had fun there and hitched a ride home on taichou's~


Pictures from christmas eve before i head out~
Fresh from phone... not even more beaut-ing. hahaha thank god for lousy phone camera[yea, iphone cam sucks.]



k. back to rest.

Merry christmas to all readers~~ and are you ready for new year? 8D


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