Dollywink Otona Lashes and Mascara [review]

This is one of those procrastinated posts that I had in my HDD that I m dragging out now since I have time *laughs*

Here's a quick recap!

Otona Series Prelaunch with Sparkling CottonCandy

Not only were the Sparklies treated to an awesome brunch, and amazing makeup tryout, we were also promised a little something~~
If you have been following my twitter, you would probably have gotten news on it a long time back.

I was given lash14 feminine girl and brow mascara in no1 milktea~~ The lashes were a surprise because I really love dollywink's bottom lashes but i chose the brow mascara over the lashes when we were given one choice at the meet~


I gave one of the pair to mika-chan when i was filming the anibee make video with her, so I am only left with a pair now but it is sufficient!!

About the lashes

The lashes has significantly changed since the previous series. They are more natural now, like no5 real nude and they are more sturdy.
Being a really careless person, i've ripped no.1 top lashes before... but the new lashes are held more firmly on the lash bone thus improving the re-usability. These new lashes are definitely worth your money now.

The one thing that i prolly dont like about the lashes is that the concept behind it is rather natural and natural make is not something that I do oftenly... Which is why personally I prefer no13 baby girl which looks like the least natural one.

About the brow mascara

Besides the lashes, I am completely taken over by the brow mascara. My kate mascara has been abandon in a dark corner where it is prolly about 3/4 used. Poor kate *pats the bottle*

here's a repeat of what i said before...
- Dollywink's colour is less harsh than Kate's.
- DW's does not finish off as shiny as Kate's
- Best of all? DW's doesnt have a weird smell as Kate's

On top of that, the mascara doesnt make your brows all stiff and funny.At the same time, it keeps your brows neat and tidy


Here are the pictures~~~ letting you judge for yourself. Personally, Dollywink is now the top fav products for my bottom lashes and brow mascara category.

Without bottom liner



with bottom liner


with mascara



Hope you find this review useful!!


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