Natsu Matsuri 2011

Here's a little update on Natsu Matsuri 2011~~~

back dates:
2010 - I did not blog about matsuri. I went, I was too sick, I was mentally unstabled *nods*
2009 - NatsuMatsuri 2009
2008- NatsuMatsuri 2008

I really appreciate every year's matsuri because of the effort being put in and all but this year was BIG disappointment.

1. almost 70% of the stores are manned by Singaporeans. food -10, drinks -10, things to buy -10.
2. Influx of Ah Tiongs -10000000

Honestly there are certain ppl i deem as ah tiongs, not all prcs. Those loud, rude and auntie ones, immd. prcs damnation. I have chio prc friends okay.

So yea... it was a real killer.
The line for the games were long like WOOHOO this year, spent a good amount of time just QUEUEING for the games #diumahlife but it was fun nevertheless.

I did an ultimate stupid thing at the yoyo booth. I hooked up one balloon, the hook did not break but...diu. While I was waiting for another prey{balloon} to come along, *cues music* my grip loosen, one of the sides of the paper slide open and the hook slipped into the water. *ZENG ZENG ZENG* i went 0A0!WHATISTHISIDONTEVEN- oh.sua. at least i had one. I wanted to get another one for my mom like i do every year.

At the end of the whole fest while we are queuing up for the shuttle bus to go home, one of the ojisan from the yoyo stall came to the line with a huge bag of yoyo to give us all for FREE. *squeals* I was so happy, because i could give one to my mom!!

Pictures ahead~~~ lots of camwhore warning 8DDD

In twinneh's mom's van


First person i took with at the event!! PETZ[]!!

Finally had the time to snap a snap with twinneh

Found Jes \0/ or rather twinneh found them~

yay~~~~ we got our water balloons!!!

with Akimme[], hardly see her

And Jinjin~~~ she found me first but i was more concentrated on gettin my tummy filled first. LOL so by the time she found me again it was late. /sorry jin

Ren who came to look for me because 死男人Shin went off early

Yui-chan~ haven seen her in a while, still as stunning as ever~

Dardar~ ahahah who always find me at the end of every matsuri and company us back to Expo even though he can jus take a bus home from the location~

Kuro Nyanpire that twinneh gave me heeee~~

Outfit~~~~wore this for the third time~~ i think it is time for a change next year. Was thinking blue and twinneh said the exact same thing *laughs*

More camwhore pictures~




[EOTD]eyemake for the day~~~
my free bebe poshe duo eyeshadow[Starry eyeshadow SE-01] arrived right at the very morning, so i tried it out.
The pigments were quite obvious but the powder was rather flaky on the palette, something that I did not like very much. *prefers the palette to look clean* LOL. *gets kicked*

Used the shimmery gold to apply all over the lid and inner corner, the dark brown shade at the outer corners and lower line



This year the balloons werent clipped tight enough. It died on sunday night. not even two days. HAHAHA

Some app that i was playing randomly.

Image inspired by a love

ahahaha Panty inspired

and this was created for Xiaxue's pink hair celebration ahahah

that was totally random.


on a side note i really find it annoying as to how people diss taobao so much.
okok. I will be honest, i find it annoying how this ONE PERSON diss taobao so much calling it shady and all.
1. There are fakes on taobao.
this i do not deny, you just have to be a smart shopper.
2. Taobao is a very shady place to shop.
SO ARE OTHER PLACES. Please do not use your one time experience or even ZERO experience to judge people from there, i happen to have very honest friends making a living there.

and some people would go on about how china clothing cannot match up with Japan's BLAHBLAHBLAH. HEY! DIU YOUR UGLY FACE.
Please go ahead and check your labels on your freaking Japan bought clothes, some of them will prolly say MadeInChina[in japanese of course, i knw because I did see some]
I dont see anyone saying DreamV is shady? IT IS FROM FREAKING CHINA.

I contradict myself often when it comes to countries and stuff.
I love Japan, I hate some of the people there, but I really like the culture and people there.
I am neutral to china, I have nice prc friends whom i talk to often, i dont like ahtiongs, i diss them sometimes, i hug my prc friends.

see what i mean?

I guess it all boils down to the character and not to the countries. I wish sometimes people would just stop with all the stereotypes, den again I do so too sometimes. I feel so at crossroads sometimes. *headdesk*


[ProjectMori] Announcement

The star gal search has come to an end, and currently I am narrowing down the selections and starting a second round of selection for the selected girls because I cannot afford to give out so many free wigs until I get a proper job.

For now, please wait patiently while I decide on the round 2 and wait for your emails ^^



Maria May said…
I love your eyemakeup .. it's super pretty <3

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